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In February 2012, long-time homebrewer Brad McCauley was introduced to a winemaker, Vince Pileggi, who was looking to learn the craft of brewing beer. Together they founded Brew Crew Inc, the vehicle that woud allow each to bring their respective talents to the business and art of craft brewery with Brad now able to commercially produce his craft brew under his long-time name, Delicious Science Brewery. With Vince as his assistant brewer, the two woud meet at Vince's Barn at his ranch in Woodcrest, Caifornia, where the two woud hold a brew day every week over the course of an entire year.  Each week of brewing led to buying larger equipment to brew on from 5 gallon batches to 15 gal  and then 25 gallons , etc.  As they grew, so did their vision and thoughts of possibly going commercial developed into a greater dream that was now not too far from becoming a reality.  And so the search for a building began.


A close friend and fellow homebrewer tipped the brew-duo that a new Home Brew Supply shop had opened down the street from Vince's Riverside studio.  Eager to bring their vision to light, Vince and Brad quickly went to check out the store where they met with Brad Wicks who shared his plans beyond the Brew Supply. Since Vince and Brad had helped with the startup of Wicks Brewing Company in Riverside, an agreement was quickly made to take the opportunity that woud give flight to their vision.  As Wicks quickly grew, a space opened and Brew Crew Inc. was born.  Together they invested both time and effort into making a small space into a small batch nano brewery, which opened in the Spring of 2014.


The concept of BREW CREW INC is to get award-winning and the best home brewers under one roof.  We are proud to say that Delicious Science Brewery, our unified efforts, talent, and passion for craft brewing make up Brew Crew Inc today.

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